The Top LLC Formation Solutions in Missouri for 2024

When it comes to forming a limited liability company (LLC) in Missouri, the process can be overwhelming and confusing. That’s where LLC formation solutions come into play. These services are designed to take on the legal legwork of registering your business, so you can focus on building your brand.

In this article, we will explore the top LLC formation solutions available in Missouri for 2024. We’ve done the research and compiled a list of five reputable companies that offer reliable and affordable services to help you form your LLC quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to expand an existing one, these options are worth considering if you want to streamline the process of forming an LLC in Missouri.

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You’ll love incfile for its affordable pricing and user-friendly platform that makes forming your LLC in Missouri a breeze. One of the benefits of using Incfile is that they offer a free basic LLC formation package, which includes name availability search, preparation and filing of articles of organization with the state, and lifetime company alerts.

Missouri offers exceptional LLC formation solutions for businesses worldwide, catering specifically to international companies with their comprehensive missouri LLC services for international businesses.”

When it comes to forming a successful LLC in Missouri, finding the best llc service in missouri can make all the difference in the ease and efficiency of the process.

If you want to access additional features such as registered agent service, EIN registration assistance or operating agreement template, then you can upgrade to one of their paid packages at a reasonable cost.

However, there are some drawbacks to using Incfile. For instance, their customer support may not be as responsive as other providers in this industry. Also, while they have been around since 2004 and helped more than 250k entrepreneurs start their businesses so far, they still face competition from other companies such as zenbusiness or northwest registered agent.

These alternatives may offer different features or pricing plans that better suit your needs as an entrepreneur.

If you’re looking for another great option for forming your LLC in Missouri beyond just Incfile, check out ZenBusiness next. With their fast turnaround times on formation paperwork and personalized dashboard that keeps all your documents organized and up-to-date in one place, it’s no wonder why so many people choose them over other competitors!

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Let’s talk about ZenBusiness, another LLC formation service provider in Missouri.

This company offers a range of features and pricing options to suit different business needs, including registered agent services and access to customizable operating agreements.

When it comes to customer reviews, ZenBusiness has received high ratings for their user-friendly platform and helpful customer support.

Features and Pricing

If you’re looking for the best LLC formation solutions in Missouri, it’s important to compare features and pricing to find the right fit for your business needs. ZenBusiness offers a streamlined LLC formation process that caters to state-specific requirements.

Their basic package includes the preparation and filing of articles of organization, a registered agent service, and lifetime customer support. For an additional fee, customers can opt for more advanced features such as expedited filing or an operating agreement template.

One great feature of ZenBusiness is their customizable dashboard, which allows users to track their progress throughout the LLC formation process. Additionally, they offer competitive pricing starting at $39 plus state fees for their basic package. For those seeking extra guidance or consultation services, they also have premium packages available at higher price points.

With all these offerings combined with their excellent customer service ratings, it’s no wonder why ZenBusiness is one of the top choices for LLC formation solutions in Missouri.

Moving on from features and pricing, let’s take a look at what customers are saying about ZenBusiness’ services through their reviews…

Customer Reviews

Customers have been raving about ZenBusiness’ services, as evidenced by their glowing reviews. Many customers praise ZenBusiness for its ease of use and straightforward process for forming an LLC in Missouri. One reviewer stated that “ZenBusiness made the process of starting my LLC so simple and stress-free,”while another remarked on how helpful the customer service team was throughout the entire process.

However, some reviewers did mention a few cons when using ZenBusiness. These included delays in receiving paperwork and slower than expected processing times. Despite these minor setbacks, overall, ZenBusiness remains a top contender for anyone looking to form an LLC in Missouri due to its ease of use and excellent customer service. With that said, let’s take a look at another popular LLC formation solution: Northwest Registered Agent.

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Northwest Registered Agent

You’ll appreciate the efficiency and professionalism of Northwest Registered Agent’s LLC formation services in Missouri. With their registered agent services, you can confidently establish your business without worrying about missing important deadlines or paperwork. They provide you with a registered agent who will receive all legal notices and documents on your behalf, ensuring that you stay compliant with state regulations.

Here are four reasons why Northwest Registered Agent is one of the top LLC formation solutions in Missouri:

  • Their online portal makes it easy to manage your LLC formation process from start to finish.
  • They offer personalized support from experienced professionals who can answer any questions and guide you through the process.
  • Northwest Registered Agent provides additional services such as annual report filings, amendments, and name changes to help your business grow.
  • They have a reputation for being reliable and efficient, so you can trust them to handle all aspects of forming your LLC.

Moving forward into our next topic about ‘legalzoom‘, you may be wondering how they compare to Northwest Registered Agent. While both companies offer similar LLC formation services, LegalZoom has become more well-known due to their extensive marketing campaigns. However, it’s important to note that popularity doesn’t always equate to quality service.

Let’s explore LegalZoom’s offerings and see how they stack up against other top LLC formation solutions in Missouri.


Get ready to explore LegalZoom, one of the most well-known companies in the industry! As a top LLC formation solution in Missouri for 2024, LegalZoom offers several benefits when it comes to forming your business. One of the main advantages is their user-friendly platform that allows you to easily create and file your documents online. Additionally, they offer a range of packages with different features so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

To help you make an informed decision on whether or not LegalZoom is right for you, let’s take a closer look at some pros and cons. On the plus side, they have a strong brand reputation and extensive experience in the field. They also offer additional services such as registered agent and EIN obtainment. However, there are some drawbacks to consider as well. Their pricing can be higher compared to other providers and some customers have reported issues with customer service.

When choosing an LLC formation service, it’s important to evaluate all options to find the one that best suits your specific needs. While LegalZoom has its benefits, it may not be the perfect fit for everyone. That being said, if you value ease-of-use and want a reputable company handling your legal paperwork, then LegalZoom might just be what you’re looking for. Up next we’ll dive into another popular option: rocket lawyer!

Rocket Lawyer

So, let’s talk about Rocket Lawyer.

From what we’ve gathered, their LLC formation service comes with a host of features such as customizable legal documents and business advice. Their pricing is moderate compared to other top-rated LLC formation services in Missouri, but still affordable for most people.

We also found mixed customer reviews online. Some are praising their user-friendly platform and helpful support team, while others are reporting issues with billing and refund policies.

Features and Pricing

With flexible pricing options and a range of features, LLC formation assistance in Missouri has never been easier. Here are four reasons why Rocket Lawyer is a top choice for small businesses:

  1. Affordable Pricing: Rocket Lawyer offers reasonable pricing options that fit any budget. From basic formation packages to premium services, their prices are competitive and transparent.
  2. Compliance with Missouri State Requirements: With Rocket Lawyer, you can be sure that your LLC formation documents meet all the legal requirements set by the state of Missouri.
  3. Customizable Operating Agreement: Their operating agreement templates can be tailored to your specific business needs, making it easier to protect your interests and avoid misunderstandings with partners or investors.
  4. Legal Advice from Attorneys: If you need additional legal advice beyond the LLC formation process, Rocket Lawyer offers access to licensed attorneys who can assist you with any legal matters that may arise.

Overall, choosing Rocket Lawyer as your LLC formation solution in Missouri is an excellent investment for any small business owner looking for quality service at affordable prices.

Moving on to customer reviews…

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Customer Reviews

Customers rave about Rocket Lawyer’s services, praising their helpfulness and expertise in navigating the complex process of forming an LLC in Missouri. Many customers mention that they were able to form their LLC quickly and easily with Rocket Lawyer’s help. Others note that the customer service team was responsive and knowledgeable, answering all their questions promptly.

However, as with any service, there are pros and cons to using Rocket Lawyer for LLC formation in Missouri. One benefit is the ease and convenience of using their online platform. Another advantage is the expertise they bring to the table when it comes to legal forms and processes. On the downside, some customers have noted that Rocket Lawyer can be more expensive than other options available on the market.

Overall, though, it seems that many entrepreneurs find value in using this service to streamline the process of forming an LLC in Missouri.


That concludes our review of the top LLC formation solutions in Missouri for 2024. After extensive research and analysis, we’ve determined that Incfile, ZenBusiness, Northwest Registered Agent, LegalZoom, and Rocket Lawyer are all excellent options for entrepreneurs looking to form an LLC in Missouri.

Each of these companies offers unique features and benefits, such as affordable pricing, personalized customer support, and user-friendly online platforms. Ultimately, the decision of which LLC formation solution to choose will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

We hope that this article has provided you with valuable information to help you make an informed decision about which company is right for you. Good luck on your journey towards starting a successful business in Missouri!

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What is the difference between an LLC and a corporation?

An LLC is a more flexible business structure with less formalities, while a corporation offers more liability protection and may be better suited for larger businesses.

Do I need an attorney to set up an LLC in Missouri?

No, you can file the necessary paperwork yourself or use an online formation service. However, consulting with an attorney is always a good idea to ensure the process is done correctly.

Is an LLC the right choice for my small business?

It depends on your specific business goals and needs. An LLC may be a good choice if you want flexibility, simplicity, and liability protection.

How much does it cost to start an LLC in Missouri?

The filing fee to create an LLC in Missouri is $50, but there may be additional costs for business licenses, permits, and other requirements.

How long does it take to form an LLC in Missouri?

The processing time for an LLC formation in Missouri varies but is usually around 5-10 business days.

Can I change the name of my LLC after it’s been formed?

Yes, you can change the name of your LLC by filing a name change amendment with the Missouri Secretary of State.

Can a non-US resident form an LLC in Missouri?

Yes, non-US residents are allowed to form an LLC in Missouri as long as they have a registered agent in the state.

Do I need an operating agreement for my LLC in Missouri?

While not required by law, it is highly recommended to have an operating agreement to help establish operating procedures and prevent potential disputes.

What taxes will my LLC in Missouri be subject to?

An LLC in Missouri is subject to state and federal income taxes, as well as sales and use taxes if applicable.

Can I form multiple LLCs in Missouri?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of LLCs that can be formed by an individual or business in Missouri.

How do I dissolve an LLC in Missouri?

To dissolve an LLC in Missouri, you must file Articles of Dissolution with the Secretary of State and meet any other requirements such as distributing the LLC’s assets and filing final tax returns.

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